Still going strong

Had another positive day with my food intake, to be honest, have not eaten very much the past two days, yet what I have eaten has been healthy.Yesterday, I was under my WW points my 14, and today, 14 again (basically I have not planned lunches for work, resulting in not having any today). I went to M&S after work, I was very hungry due to only having breakfast, dangerous time for me. However, I refrained from buying any rubbish, this is a real shift from my normal behaviour, so I am feeling pleased with myself. Plus, I managed to pick up some healthy salads for lunch, at a cost of 25p…. what a bargain! 🙂

Exercise – day off. Swimming is on the agenda for tomorrow evening.

Scales – well this is where I am feeling a little dis-heartened. I have weighed myself daily, since my WW weigh in on saturday, and I have not moved an ounce. I know I need to not do this, yet, that is easier said than done. On a positive note, I haven’t allowed myself to binge and this is a massive achievement for me. I keep telling myself I just need to continue on the right path.

I have not read, ‘The Happiness Project’, for a few days now, need to et back to it! Also, I now have my log in for the online course ‘Beyond Chocolate’, I will take a look tomorrow.

Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about”. — Sir Winston Churchill

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2 Responses to Still going strong

  1. Alok Singhal says:

    Happy to see you doing well. Keep challenging and motivating others!


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